First and only public safety solution that brings the power of Bluetooth, wireless internet, social media and crowdsourcing to create a network where people help each other.


This button save lives.


Expert Comments

"the police are the people and the people are the police" Sir Robert Peel - 1829
"I have come across many innovative security products. I believe SafetyLINK is revolutionary & has the hallmark of a solution which can make a meaningful difference ..." Dan Giacopelli, CEO, Skoop!, former EVP and CTO, Telular Corp.


Do not be fooled by its simple look

Press and Hold the SafetyLINK button for 3 seconds and friends, family and nearby members of the SafetyLINK community & the 24x7 monitoring station are informed.


SafetyLINK comes with easy to use accessories

Key fob
Key to Safety

Safety is close to your heart


Now you can wear safety

Driving Safety
Attach to your car & you are good to go.

You can now wear Safety

You can wear SafetyLINK as a pendant.


Or you can Clip-on the SafetyLINK device




SafetyLINK provides Safety For Everyone

Key to Children Safety - Attach SafetyLINK to children's school bags. Children can then easily and quickly notify friends, family and the nearby safetyLINK community members.


Senior Safety is close to our heart - Seniors wear SafetyLINK as an easily accessible pendant. SafetyLINK also automatically detects a fall and notifies the SafetyLINK community and the 24x7 monitoring station.


Driving Safety - Attach SafetyLINK to the dashboard of your car and SafetyLINK protects you while you drive. SafetyLINK detects major accidents and car rollovers and automatically notifies the SafetyLINK community and the 24x7 monitoring station.



SafetyLINK Intelligent Cloud Server gets you help


SafetyLINK App Keeps Families Safe

SafetyLINK keeps the family together by always knowing where they are.



Other reasons to like your SafetyLINK

Find your mobile

Easily locate your mobile by pressing the button on the SafetyLINK device to make the phone ring.

Find your keys

Use the SafetyLINK App to make the SafetyLINK device beep, until it is found.

Don't ever lose your mobile

When you walk away without your mobile or the SafetyLINK device the other device beeps.

Don't ever miss a call

SafetyLINK beeps to inform that you have received a call, email or a text message.



SafetyLINK Service Plans

Use of SafetyLINK app and the basic service includes ability to send SOS notifications to friends, family and the SafetyLINK community and directly connecting with emergency services.

Optional premium services such as 24x7 monitoring, ability to send detailed notification with up to date location to emergency services and other our premium features, will be offered at a price of $5.95/month to $9.95/month.


Technical Specs


Welcome to SafetyLINK community T-Shirt


Bonus T-Shirt is our Thanks to you
Welcome to the SafetyLINK community. 

(Available in S, M, L & XL sizes in white. We will request size when before we ship.)



We need your help to make SafetyLINK a Reality

Worldwide safety is a tall order and hard work. We are set up well to embark on this task. Please support SafetyLINK by becoming part of the SafetyLINK network to make our world a safer place.


Perks for our Indiegogo contributors


Choose from one of many perks when you support this campaign (select your perk from the sidebar at the top of this page). All perks include at least SafetyLINK set (SafetyLINK device, key fob and clip-on, SafetyLINK T-Shirt and the free SafetyLINK mobile app)


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Purchase and Pre-Order
  2. Usage
  3. Technical


Purchase and Pre-Order

1a: What is in each pre-order SafetyLINK pack?

Standard pre-order SafetyLINK pack has one SafetyLINK device, one keyfob, one clip-on, license to use Mobile App and 1 T-Shirt.

1b: What are the regular prices of SafetyLINK?

Regular prices for SafetyLink pack is $59, SafetyLINK Auto $69,
Accessories are - Keyfob - $4.95, Pendant - $12.95 and Clip-on - $4.95

1c: When is the SafetyLINK to be delivered?

USA and Canada - May 1, 2014
Europe - July 2, 2014

1d: What is the warranty on the product?

1 year from shipment date. We will fix or replace the product. We will cover one side shipment. There are no returns or exchanges on the T-shirts.

1e: What are the shipping charges?

To USA and Canada - Included.
To Europe - $10

1f: Why use Indiegogo for pre-order?

Indiegogo is a platform trusted by the community and by start-ups. We want to be part of this trusted community.

1g: What are the monthly costs to use SafetyLINK ?

Usage of standard SafetyLINK app is included. Standard SafetyLINK app includes unlimited SOS to the network.

1f: There is no place to mention size, gender or colour.

Size and gender will be inquired at shipment time. Only white T-shirts are currently available.



2a: How do I send the SOS signal?

Press the big button on SafetyLINK device for 3 seconds or more to send SOS.

2b: How do I cancel an SOS signal?

Double click on the smaller button to cancel the SOS.

2c: How do I know that help is on the way?

The SafetyLINK device will buzz for 2 seconds each time a volunteer in the community agrees to help. A longer 3-4 seconds buzzer indicates an authority has acknowledged the SOS.

2d: Should the SafetyLINK app be running on the mobile device for use?

No, the SafetyLINK is not required to be started. The app has to be installed and registered, it then runs in the background.

2e: Should my smart phone be ON for use?

Yes, the smart phone is required to be ON for SafetyLINK to work.  The smart phone is used to send the SOS and other information to the SafetyLINK server.

2f: Will my SafetyLink AUTO work when I do not have a mobile when driving?

For SafetyLINK AUTO to send an SOS, its paired mobile is required to be present in the car. To help you avoid driving away without your smart phone, the SafetyLINK device will beep when you start to drive to indicate absence of your mobile.

2g: Will the SOS be sent if my mobile is in my bag or briefcase when I press the SOS.

Yes, wireless signals carry the SOS signal through most handbags and brief cases. In most cases, even when the mobile device is in a brief case in your trunk, an SOS will be transmitted through your smart phone.



3a: What devices are supported by the SafetyLINK device?

iOS - iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad
Android - Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10
Windows Phone 8 - Lumia 920, Lumia 820, Lumia 720)

Release Order - Android, iOS and WP8.

3b: What is the expected battery life of the SafetyLINK device?

1 year

3c: Is my  SafetyLINK device water proof?

Yes, you can shower with the device but cannot swim with it.

3d: How much data does the SafetyLINK APP use?

Very little, almost negligible.